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The internet can be a faceless empty place some-times. As a local Glasgow based  business, we like to get out and meet our customers on a daily basis, We offer a free business consultation, which is really just an excuse for a coffee and a chat.

We do not employ pressure sales techniques. We offer a service which sells itself with the benefits to your company and more importantly your cashflow.


Who are we ?

Delivery Glasgow is the brainchild of Martin Laird.

Martin is a professional photographer, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur. He also owns a number of other business interests in Scotland. As a small business owner, Martin faces the same daily challenge that all small business need to address. How best to promote and market his business services to his potential customer base in his service areas.  He has an unnatural love of spreadsheets and lives on a diet of caffeine

Martin is joined by his business partner Jamie O’Neill.

Jamie is also a talented photographer and web designer, who spent his early professional working career in various sales, marketing and advertising roles. The experience and knowledge he gained working for companies such as British Gas, Caudwell Communications, Sky Digital Broadcasting, Dell computers and many more small and medium enterprises makes him an indispensable part of the team at Leaflet Delivery Glasgow.

Stuart ‘Alcane’ completes the team

Stuart is a graphic designer through to the core, he fascinates over pantone colour charts and will happily spend 8 hours selecting just the right tone of green, or pink or blue… so long as it’s PERFECT.  Stuart studied at Glasgow University and runs his own successful design company designing artwork for some of the most influential record labels and underground recording artists in world. He is also a talented music producer and will happily spend 8 hours selecting just the right high hat, or cymbal, or bleep, or beep for a track, so long as it’s PERFECT. What we are trying to say is Stuart is a perfectionist. Like having an OCD cleaner, Stu is the best designer you could dream of having on a project, he will sneak the work home….yep.. that green just needs a little more tweeking… just a little…

Why-we-started leaflet delivery Glasgow

Martin has been through every leaflet delivery service in Glasgow. From the cheap and nasty to the high priced companies who, you would assume, would provide a quality service.

Every company failed to deliver. They were either unprofessional, unreliable, or just plain cowboys. Happy to take the money but not so happy to deliver on the promised results.

After discussing the problem one day with his now business partner, Jamie set out a marketing plan for Martin. Setting up the leaflet delivery service with control measures such as GPS tracking, so Martin could be sure ALL his leaflets were being delivered.

This was lacking from ALL the delivery companies Martin had been using previously.

Jamie also set up delivery routes, analysing Martins customer database and using this data combined with data pulled from various sources to create a target demographic.

Now the leaflets would be delivered in areas where the greatest response was forecast. 

Success Story

The marketing plan was a complete success. The phone was ringing every day, there was a constant and steady flow of revenue and it allowed various expansions to take place. Martin had an Idea. If he had so many problems and suffered so much disappointment with the leaflet delivery companies he had used across Glasgow. Why not start a business with Jamie. All the business systems were already in place. All the stats were in and there was a quality, reliable delivery team out on the streets every day.

Why not start the best leaflet delivery company in Glasgow ??

And so it began…….


Along with our GPS tracked leaflet delivery service across Glasgow, we now produce the Whats local magazine,

Whats Local magazine is A bi-monthly local magazine with 4 local editions targeted at private home owners across Glasgow, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, and East Dunbartonshire.

Interesting and engaging content is produced by our local editorial teams. Our teams of contributors have a mass of local knowledge and insight adding real value to the content of our magazines. Local coverage of events and competitions ensures regular interaction from our readers.

Whats local magazine is printed every second month, packed with features on home and leisure, Gardening, family days out, local events diary, cooking tips, recipes and more. Each local issue has editorials from local businesses, this feature allows you to reach out and connect with your potential customers in new and inventive ways.


Join the Team 

Are you a Glasgow local with a passion for your area?

Perhaps you have an event or activity you would like to share with your local community ?

You can join the team and become a contributor to whats local Glasgow, simply register on the site and send us an email with a few paragraphs about who you are and what you can do.