Family Cycle routes around Glasgow

   January 11, 2015   No Comments

Cycling in Glasgow has come along way over the past 10 years. 

Promoting healthy living and a greener lifestyle has been a priority of the Scottish government for a number of years. Cycling in Scotland has benefited greatly from this investment with a number of new cycling routes developed over the past few years

There are now hundreds of miles of purpose made cycling tracks to take you through the city and further afield if your legs are up for the challenge.

From the heart of the city, you can set of on bike in the morning and easily reach Loch Lomond within a few hours. better news for those who may be nervous about riding a bike, most of your journey will be on purpose built cycle track.


the banks of loch lomond taken from the cycle track

Whats local glasgow header imageIf you prefer to head East, The canal cycle tracks are a wonderful artery out of the city. We recommend the Canal tracks to those seeking a less strenuous day out, as the cycle track is mostly flat following the course of the canal as it meanders out of the city and into the countryside.  If the 9 mile journey out to Kirkintilloch tires you out then you always have the option of hopping on the train to make the return home, especially if you have stopped for a few rewards at the stables pub on the way along the canal.

Did you know..

Regular cycling can actually do so much for your fitness levels that studies have shown it can actually add years to your active useful life. Scientists claim that fitness levels can make a person seem 10 years younger, that is to say a 60 year old cyclist would have the fitness levels or a 50 year old non cyclist.

cycling around Glasgow

Ditching the car and taking the bike for your everyday commute could also save you massive amounts of time, It has been shown that during rush hour, a bike can be more than twice as fast as a car. With no waiting at traffic lights and no traffic jams to slow you down.