Discover Glasgow. Hidden arts and crafts markets in the city

   January 13, 2015   No Comments

At Whats Local Magazine we love any excuse to get out of the office and set of on a day of discovery.

Our readers do too. This guide will show you the hidden markets of Glasgow.

This issue is all about hidden Glasgow. Seeking out fantastic finds across the city and surrounding areas then sharing them with our friends.

hand made jewellery

Our readers have helped us compile this excellent list of craft markets in Glasgow. If you can add anything we have missed please sign up and maybe consider becoming a contributor to Whats Local Magazine.

WE start of in the west of the City, the traditional home of the artisans of the city.


The Makers Market -

Hillhead Library, Byres Road, West End.

The Makers Market comes to Hillhead Library at the end of each month, with a vibrant and eclectic array of unusual craft and design, produced by local Glaswegian artists.

The market is conveniently located just 5 mins walk from the botanical gardens. If the weather is right you can spend a day just walking the paths and exploring the glasshouse.

Dates for the Byres road Makers market in Hillhead Library for 2015 are listed below.

  • 28th February, 11am- 4pm 

  • 28th March 2015,  11am – 4pm 

  • 25th April 2015,  11am – 4pm 

  • 30th May 2015, 11am – 4pm 

Entry is free and everyone is welcome. We picked up some beautiful gifts at christmas time at the Makers Market. The quality of workmanship on display is astounding and the Market has an excellent policy of promoting hand made local goods, They actively discourage sales of any mass produced or bought in goods so you will normally be buying directly from the artist who created the work. Most of the artists will undertake commissions on work so the chance to own something entirely unique is always possible.

If you visit the Market, be sure to comment and let us know what you think.


Craft & Design Fair -

Merchant Square, 71 Albion Street, Glasgow, Merchant

Now we move in to the centre of the city to one of the oldest areas in old Glasgow for a weekend craft and design fair held in the beautiful merchant square. Our readers will remember this more as the old Cadleriggs market back in the 1970’s until the 1990’s. I have many fond memories of visiting the markets on the return back through the town after making the weekly pilgrimage to the Barras market, hand in hand with my nana. If i was luck the stop at Candleriggs involved a bag of sweets from the sweet stall, only if i was good though. A persuasion tactic i use today with my own children with ongoing success.

The weekend craft market held in the beautiful restored merchant hall is worth a visit even if you have no intention on making a purchase. The quality of work on display makes the trip more like a trip to a museum to look at beautiful artifacts. The Artists who make these stunning creations put a mass of energy into displaying their work and will take time to explain the process behind each creation. We love just strolling around taking in the beautiful setting and stunning work.

Dates for the weekend craft market in Glasgows Merchant Square are listed below.

  • Jan 17th – 18th 2015

  • Jan 24th – 25th 2015

Sloans Market -

Argyle street / Buchannan Street – Glasgow city centre Sloans craft market

Our quest for uniqueness takes us into the city centre now. We leave the from the oldest area trading area in Glasgow and walk down Argyle street along to to the oldest bar and restaurant in Glasgow. Sloans bar & Restaurant has been serving good food and drink to the people of Glasgow for over 200 years. Founded way back in 1797 it still functions as a bar, restaurant and function hall to this day.

Sloans is also home to a beautiful craft market which runs every saturday and sunday of every weekend so you can always catch the market traders, any time of year. The market is tucked away in a little lane which runs from Argyle street to Buchannan street. The lane is lined with trader selling everything from Bespoke jewellery, Hand made clothing, legacy gifts, to very unusual home crafts.